kidnApp Game – One Deck – Infinite Possibilities

Based on the cult book series So Say the Waiters, the kidnApp Game is a simulated abduction game of trickery and deception. One player in the group is secretly assigned as the Taker (kidnapper). Their mission is to take one Waiter (kidnappee) and earn as many followers (points) as possible. If the Taker is found out, they lose their points for the round.

Waiters take turns revealing what they would like to happen during their kidnapping. It can be kinky or therapeutic—tied naked to a bed and spanked or sung to by an opera singer... or both. If the group successfully identifies the Taker, then they keep their followers (points) and the round is over.

Takers must lie and pretend they are Waiters to trick the group into identifying the wrong player. Waiters must also stay in character; each Waiter card dictates what kind of Waiter they are: submissive, passive, aggressive, or dominant.

Follower cards determine how many followers (points) a Waiter or Take might receive at the end of the round.


1 Submissive (can “double take” with another Waiter and double their points, but if either Waiter is kidnapped, both Waiters are kidnapped and their follower cards go to the Taker at the end of the round. Only the submissive Waiter gets double points.)

4 Passive (no bonus)

4 Aggressive (no bonus)

3 Dominant (can trade their follower card for another Waiter’s follower card)

1 Insider (can un-kidnap 1 Waiter before Taker logs in)

1 Taker (can swap their follower card for a Waiter’s follower card)


Group choose who is the App Developer. This person sits out of the round, shuffles/deals cards, and keep players honest. The Developer is basically “running kidnApp”.

The Developer shuffles identity cards (always 1 Taker card and the rest are 1 Waiter card per player). Before the game, make sure there is an even distribution of Waiter cards (at least 1 of each type of card or, if there are less than four Waiters at the table, at least 1 Submissive and 1 Dominant Waiter card).  

Players randomly gets 1 identity card, dealt by the Developer. 1 player will be a Taker and the rest will be Waiters. These cards are kept secret. Now, all players “submit” by closing their eyes or putting their heads down. Game master will ask the Taker to open their eyes. Taker will secretly identify which Waiter they want to kidnap and then close their eyes again. The rest of the players (Waiters) will have no idea who the Taker is.

Developer will ask if there is a Submissive Waiter in the group. If that Submissive Waiter wants to “double take” they can open their eyes and look at the Waiter they want to double take with. Then they close their eyes. This Submissive Waiter might choose the Taker which mean their double take failed.

Developer will ask if there is an Insider in the group. If there is an Insider, that Insider can un-kidnap whoever was just kidnapped by the Taker. If no player is un-kidnapped, then the player that the Taker chose is kidnapped.

Now all players will “log in” and open their eyes.

Now, every player, including the Taker, will take a Follower card from the top of the deck. This card is kept secret. Some cards have as little as 5 followers and some have as many as 100.

Players will reveal what they want to happen during their kidnapping to the group. This is where the roleplaying happens. Players must stick to their card profiles: Submissive and Passive players will tell the group what they want their kidnap to be like and Aggressive / Dominate players will tell the group what they want. Insiders can be either submissive/passive or aggressive/dominate. Players can be as detailed as they want, describing what they would like to happen to them. The Taker will lie, pretending they are a Waiter.

When everyone is done describing what they want to happen during their kidnApp, the group must identify the Taker. The group will discuss and vote. They have to agree who to call out as the Taker.

If the group identifies the Taker, all Waiters get the points on their follower cards and the Taker gets nothing.

If the group is wrong, they lose their cards and the Taker keeps the follower card of the Waiter they took and their own Follower card (2 cards total).

Now it is revealed who the Taker kidnapped.

All points are written down.

All unclaimed Follower cards are shuffled back into the deck. All claimed cards are put aside.

Repeat this process by collecting all the identity cards (Taker and Waiters) and shuffling them. The next Developer will the player counterclockwise from the last Developer. A new secret Taker will be assigned. It could be the same player as before.

The person with the most followers at the end of the game wins. Players can determine the length of the game by how many follower cards are available.

Copyright Justin Sirois 2017